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Johnson Out

  • Johnson Out

Having been ruled out of Sundayís clash with the Raiders, Shaun Johnson did not join the team in boarding the plane bound for Canberra.

While Johnsonís exclusion is a loss (this is the first time he will miss back-to-back-games) this is a great opportunity for the Warriors to show that they are a team capable of performing without their star player.

Championships arenít won by individual talent (just look at the recent football World Cup) they are won by strong, well-functioning teams. The Warriors need to make a statement this weekend, and that statement needs to be that with or without Shaun Johnson, this is a team capable of winning.

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Having gone toe-to-toe with Manly Johnson-less for 70-odd minutes last weekend in a blinder of a match, Iím backing the Warriors to win this one by 8 or more (even if they haven't won in Canberra since 2001...)

How do you think the Warriors will go without Johnson?†

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