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Last Chance Hotel

  • Last Chance Hotel

So we’re about to visit Last Chance Hotel.

Win and we’re in the top 8.

Lose and….well, we’re done for the year.

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On the plus side we’ve beaten the Panthers once this year. On the downside…we’re going to have to overcome the ‘Big Win Blues’ we’ve succumbed to on a number of occasions this year.

The ‘Big Win Blues’ look a little like this:

Round 4 we hammered the Tigers 42 – 18. Round 5 we lost to the Sharks 37 – 6 (yea I don’t want to think about that loss either).

Round 9 we thrashed the Titans 54 – 12. Round 10 we lost to the Bulldogs 16 – 12.

Round 12 we beat the Knights 38 – 18. Round 13 we succumbed to the Bunnies 34 – 18.

Round 18 saw us gut the Eels 48 – 0. Round 19 saw us lose to a very determined Broncos outfit 28 – 22.

In round 21 we again shellacked the Raiders 54 - 18. In round 22 we limped to a 16 – 12 win against the Sharks before a 28 – 22 loss to the Knights.

All in all we’ve struggled following our bigger wins – a trend we cannot repeat come Sunday. As we stand, I think we’ve got the firepower to once again beat the Panthers. I think Peyroux has made that left wing stronger with his running and solid defence.  The forwards came up big last week and will surely be buoyed by their collective performance and ready to step it up again. Friendy looks ready to add another to his try scoring tally and the combination between Johnson, Tomkins, and Hurrell looks deadly. In short – we’re looking like we’ve got the right stuff coming into this match.

I have no doubt it’ll be a tough game. The Panthers have proven that they can win even when they look completely down and out. Nonetheless, they’re not invincible.

With the season on the line, and the Panthers not at full strength, I’m calling it now - Warriors by 8 or more. I strongly believe that Cappy has the right stuff to make sure the team show up on the day with the right attitude!

What do you think? How do you see the game against the Panthers going?

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