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The Hoffman Rumours

  • The Hoffman Rumours

Surely you have heard the rumours that the Warriors might be going in hard for Josh Hoffman.†

What are your thoughts on Hoffman as an addition to the Warriors?

If the 26 year old fullback joined the boys in Auckland, it would probably see Sam Tomkins (who had a solid first season in the NRL) lose the custodian spot and - possibly - move into the number 6 role. The combination of Johnson and Tomkins in the halves with Hoffman at the back could be a deadly one! It would certainly give the Warriors a heck of a spine for next year.

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The shuffle could see Leuluai move into hooker - but I think relegating old Friendy to the bench would be a mistake. Captain Commitment leaves it all on the field every time he puts on that jersey and his tackling stats are off the charts. I'd be inclined to play Leuluai on the bench and leave Friend as the starting hooker. The other question that has to be asked is what happens to Havili. The young hooker should be included in the plans of McFadden and his staff but the flow-on from Hoffman's possible arrival could see him given fewer first grade opportunities - which I think would be a shame for the young man's development.†

Alternatively - and I really don't see this happening - could Hoffman be pushed into the centres? Although not his preferred role he has played there before. That scenario would probably mean Laumape - or one of our brilliant young wingers - would lose his starting spot. Not an ideal scenario in my opinion.†

As it stands these are still rumours with Warriors management refusing to confirm or deny anything (but we know what that usually means). Hoffman is a proven player in the NRL and he appears set to leave the Broncos by the end of the week. We can only wait and see if his destination is Auckland, Canberra (reported as the other serious contender), or a wild card.

How do you see it playing out? If he were to sign what setup would you pick?†

Letís hear it team!

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