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It was Tupou's Fault

  • It was Tupou's Fault

I have to say it...Konrad Hurrell is innocent.

The run which broke Cronulla player Anthony Tupou's jaw was no fault of Hurrell's but rather poor tackling technique.

Hurrell has been suspended for three weeks for pleading guilty to a grade three dangerous contact charge, having only plead guilty to avoid a four week ban.

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This, to me, is ridiculous.

If you look at the footage, yes Hurrell raises his knee but it certainly isn't the knee that strikes Tupou,  it's his hip.

He has his head on the wrong side.

If his head had have been behind, as in a conventional tackling technique, then no broken jaw would have eventuated.

To me, Hurrell's stand down sets a precedence for other injuries that occur from poor tackling techniques.

This whole thing wreaks of sympathy from the NRL because it looks bad and because Tupou was seriously injured.

If Tupou came away from the tackle okay, no penalty would have been given and a try would likely have been scored.

Poor Tupou?

I say poor Konrad.

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