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NRL deems Warriors wall legal

  • NRL deems Warriors wall legal

Queensland and NSW have been cleared to employ the "Warriors wall" in State of Origin II on Wednesday after NRL officials deemed it legal.

The Warriors lined up five players beside the play the ball as Shaun Johnson steadied for a shot at field goal against the Sydney Roosters on Saturday.

Roosters players complained they had been obstructed by the wall of defenders as they attempted to shut down the Warriors halfback, who slotted the one-pointer to level the scores.

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However, NRL referees boss Tony Archer said the block play was legal under the existing rules because no defending player was impeded.

"As long as they line up behind the point of the play the ball and they don't obstruct any of the players coming through to defend, it is a legal tactic under the current rules," Archer said in his weekly address on the NRL website.

Under the rules, players from the attacking team can line up anywhere, as long as they are behind the play the ball.

NSW coach Laurie Daley and his Queensland counterpart Mal Meninga would have been paying close attention after the tactic was utilised successfully by the Warriors.

Origin I was decided by a Cooper Cronk field goal and the Warriors have proved the wall highly effective.

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